Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Sr. High Winter Retreat - "Be Still And Know"

Well the Sr. High Winter Retreat was a total blast. The theme for this year was "Be Still And Know That I Am God" from Psalm 46:10. We talked about what it meant in our busy lives to "be still". We discussed how stillness comes from knowing that God is God. Duncan confiscated everyone's cell phones, watches, i-pods and clocks so that no one knew what time it was all weekend.

On Saturday night we got quiet before God doing a "Silent Worship Service" then we moved outside and had an awesome time worshiping around the campfire, singing and praying for one another. We capped the night off with flashlight tag, snacks and then a bedtime story.

We began Sunday morning with a "Sunrise Worship Service" and a time of meditation on scripture and prayer. After that it was Pajama Time as we hung out in our pajama's for the rest of the morning, focusing on slowing down and just being. Taking a Sabbath rest. After lunch we played paintball and did crafts. Then after dinner we ended up worshiping for over 6 hours as God's spirit moved us through Quaker Worship and Affirmations.

Monday morning we slept in, until just before breakfast. Then we cleaned up, packed up. Finally we had a time of worship, Duncan wrapped up with a summary of what was taught and we all shared what we learned and prayed.

It was an incredible weekend and we wish that those that missed it could have been with us.

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