Thursday, November 15, 2007

Immersion - 11/18/07

Immersion is a gathering of youth ministries--once a month during the school year--designed to lead Christian teens in worship for the express purpose of motivating them to;

--get to know one another (teens from various ministries mixing it up) --so they begin to recognize one another at school, at clubs, on teams, etc --so together they can represent our Lord and Savior in numbers

Arrive around 6:15pm; Immersion kicks off at 6:30pm; we're in school specific prayer groups by 8:00pm; leaving by 8:30pm

Our ultimate hope is simple: Christian teens from multiple Christ-centered, Bible-teaching ministries gathering together at least once a month throughout each school year to become more acquainted, more informed, more inspired, more motivated, and, most importantly, more in love with our Savior, so their part in the Great Commission is made more doable.

Should you have any questions call ore email Pastor Duncan 286-5175

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